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  • Topping Google: Utilizing Good Content to establish Search Engine Optimization

    Let us paint a very common web scenario for you. Your company has just spent 4 or maybe even 5 figures on a professional web design and you a very proud to share it with the business world. You launch the website and it really seems to deliver the message of your business. But a few weeks later, you notice that something vital is missing. Google and other search engines are not ranking you very high (or at all) when they index your website.

    Let’s face it; being on page 5 of Google is almost as bad as not being on Google at all. Very few searches expand past the first page. The reason is very logical. We assume (and assume correctly) that the most relevant queries will be on the first page.

    Search Engine Optimization Starts with Good Content

    First of all, good content is king. If you need high rankings on Google, don’t expect to achieve it if you only have a small paragraph or two that vaguely discusses the topic you are trying to convey. Write rich, easy-to-understand content for the human eye. Don’t try to play tricks, keyword stuff, or write things in code. Google may have fallen for that in the past, today, it is a much older and wiser Google. It wants to see content written for the human eye, and it wants to see a lot of it. Google is looking for content that adequately explains your topic, and is engaging to the reader. For example: if you are selling water bottles, it is important to have a water bottle page that discusses the durability, use, etc. It is also important to have News and Blog posts that cover milestones of the water bottle. Blog about it being featured and never waste an opportunity to elaborate.

    Keyword Density – what the heck is that?

    Keyword Density is the amount of times a key word (or to be pedantic – key phrase) is used in relation to the content on the page. People normally search in key phrases like:

    "Affordable Websites Greenville SC"

    If the user typed in websites, the search is too generic and produces poor results. Often times, users search in 2 to 5 key phrases. Those key phrases become very important. Think of your key phrases like sugar you want to put in a cup of coffee. Too little sugar and it doesn’t taste right, too much sugar and it overloads the taste. You have to get the amount just right. Let’s bring it down to a real-life example. Our purpose for posting this blog post has two meanings. The first is to share valuable information with you. Secondly, we know that if we post reliable, easy-to-understand, and engaging content, we will see higher ranks for Search Engine Optimization Greenville SC. Our key phrase density for Search Engine Optimization is not overloaded, but it isn’t used sparsely either. It is just right. Our aim is to have our keywords not exceed about 10% of the entire post.

    The Bottom Line

    The bottom line is this: make your website a place that people want to come back to and visit. If you sell water bottles, make it a place where people can get excited about water bottles and want to stay in touch with new information. This is achieved by posting regularly with engaging information. Great Search Engine Optimization doesn’t manifest itself. You have to grow it.

    Cyberfluent would love the opportunity to discuss Search Engine Optimization with your small business, non-profit, or church. We are located in Greenville, SC and service Greenville, the Upstate and the South East Region. Come talk with us today.

  • Five Components of well-built Affordable Websites

    If you are a small business, a non profit, or a church, chances are you've dealt (or are dealing) with building a website for your company. You can always hand it over to the professional, but then you get quotes for five, six thousand or more. Or, you could try to build a website yourself. To quote the famous auto reviewer, Jeremy Clarkson, "how hard can it be?" If you haven't seen Jeremy's show, that statement always ends in a huge fireball. Let's just say that nothing is as easy as it looks. Wouldn't it make sense to have a comfortable medium - something that is in between doing all the website work yourself and hiring a company for ten grand to build you a website? The solution has arrived - it is a SNAP website. 

    A SNAP site is an affordable website platform that gives small businesses, non-profits, and churches and alternative solution to spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a website. SNAP websites follow 5 essential components that drive our success. 

    • Provide a professional web template that can be customized to meet the client's branding. 
    • Utilize a user-friendly content management system that allows the site's owner to update content with ease. 
    • Build search engine friendly pages. 
    • Harness today's web technology using: blogs, RSS feeds,  social media, photo galleries, forms, surveys, and more. 
    • Hit a homerun on customer service. 

    From start to finish, we aim to have your website project live in 7 days. The process is simple: 

    • You pick a design template of your liking, we customize it. 
    • We build your site.
    • You provide the content.
    • We launch your site. 

    Our website packages start at a very reasonable price. For a comprehensive view on what you will receive with a SNAP site - visit our packages page. 

    Affordable websites are not created equal. As a small business, we encourage you to do your homework. Ask lots of questions. Get to know the platform you are about to adopt. Not all affordable websites are created equal. If you have any questions for the SNAP team about our affordable website packages, talk with us. If you call, you get a real human voice. If you email, your email is received to a box that is checked at least once an hour. 

    Bottom line, we aim to take the pain out of website creation - both in development and finances. We would love the opportunity to work with your business. If you are in the Greenville, South Carolina or Upstate area, talk with us and let's get started! 

  • SNAP makes it easy to add images and photos to your website

    We at Cyberfluent want a SNAP website to be a rewarding and fun experience when you look at your marketing budget. That's why we have always believed giving our customers an easy-to-use system to update your website with. Recently, we just updated our Image element. Watch and see how easy it is to add a photo or photo slideshows to your website. It can literally be done in a minute! 

  • What's so SNAPPY about SNAP

    Cyberfluent's team has been building websites for medium and large businesses and large non-profits for seven years.  These websites are built on a powerful content management system, incorporate the latest technological innovations and are consistently ranked at the top of search engines.  

    Cyberfluent is now extending our offering to small businesses, non profits, and churches.  Our offering allows you to pick from 70 professionally built templates and utilize the same powerful web platform as our larger clients.  This means you can easily implement blogs, calendars, and photo galleries, and that your site takes advantage of our search engine optimized code.  Bottom line, our SNAP sites are spring boarding off our robust custom platform and allow for smaller clients market themselves in a big way.

    To add to the snappy in SNAP, Cyberfluent will launch your site in seven days - spearheading your marketing efforts now versus later.  And the best part, it's affordable - with packages starting at $999.  Check out our packages and shoot us an e mail with any questions or if you would just like more information.  

    We can't wait to SNAP your website into cyberspace.

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