Social Media vehicles like Facebook and Twitter are driving business. Forward-thinking businesses are effectively utilizing these powerful tools to further market their products, services or both. 

It comes down to the right people that like and follow you on these social media tools. Cyberfluent can help bridge the gap between having these tools, and using them as marketing machines. 

Cyberfluent has assisted clients with social media in the following ways:

  • Regular wall postings
  • Blog to Facebook/Twitter integration
  • Ad Creation and Implementation via Facebook/ Twitter
  • Contests and promotions
  • Calendar and event postings
  • Monthly marketing retainer - acting as your personal social media marketing department.
  • And much more

When working with Cyberfluent, you will be working with the right people to help drive business via social media tools. It is rumored that Facebook will replace email in 5 years. These social media giants already act as a giant "marketing search engine." Therefore, your businesses' participation in social media platforms is crucial. 

Remember back to the 1980s. If your business wasn't in the Yellow Pages, you might as well NOT be in business. Facebook and Twitter are the 21st century's Yellow Pages. Getting started on Facebook is not difficult. Our expert team at Cyberfluent can assist you in making these social media tools work for your business. Get started today and contact us

For Example: 

Project Hope Foundation
Project Hope Foundation has jumped head first into social media by utilizing their Facebook page for a majority of their events, fundraisers, and special classroom activities. Even though Project Hope Foundation is "a small foundation," it has almost 750 Facebook fans.