Tracy Butenhoff is the Marketing Director at Cyberfluent.  She won't tell us how old she is, but we do know she has over 20 years of marketing experience.  Tracy has worked with large companies including AT&T, Fluor Daniel, and Harbinger - learned a lot and liked it.  However, she loves what she does now.  At Cyberfluent, it's about making the client happy - and that's a lot of fun.

Tracy is a mother of three and spends her "spare" time having a great time with her family.  Weekends are often spent either horseback riding or dirt bike racing. Many fun family times are also spent together at Lake Keowee, Carolina Beach and in the mountains of Virginia.  

Creative Director

Cyberfluent's Creative Director is David Garrison - a 30 year old graphic designer whose job is to envision concepts and take them from a blank page to reality. The talent that David has almost went unrecognized. David graduated from Winthrop University with a Bachelors Degree in Economics - but creativity is something that comes natural to David. 

Growing up, David remembers that both his Mom and his Dad were extremely artistic. His Mother, Cheryl is a pencil sketch artist and has been commissioned several times for personal portraits. Before his Father, Gary passed away, David's Father was a clothing designer in New York City. Gary was a master of color combinations and was an impeccable dresser. For most of his childhood and early adult life, David felt the creative gene had skipped him. But, a simple request from a family member would change everything. 

In 2004, David's mother, Cheryl asked him if he would assist her by creating a website for her non-profit agency. David took the job and dove head first into making websites. Once his mother's website was finished, David continued to make websites for friends and local groups he participated in. In 2006, David began contracting himself out to local non-profit agencies for web projects. In 2007, David started his first web company. It was then that he met Tracy Butenhoff. As a team, David and Tracy became a powerhouse of creativity and marketing. Today, David and Tracy are responsible for the successful launch of over 70 web projects. 

David spends a lot of his free time reviewing restaurants for The Dinnertime Duo - a regionally-based restaurant review website. Once the work is done in Greenville, you will catch David's taillights as he leaves town on weekend excursions to Charleston, Atlanta, Asheville, Charlotte, and Walhalla. David also enjoys an extensive music collection of over 30,000 songs - and is a self-proclaimed Apple junkie. David has never met a Mac or iPhone he doesn't like. David is also a governing board member for the Project Hope Foundation - a Greenville-based organization that educates children with autism.